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Run Coaching

Run coaching

Running has been a big part of my life in recent years.

I remember thinking back in 2013, when I was diagnosed with MS and told by my neurologist that I should expect severe mobility issues within three years, that I had to attack my bucket list … one of those items was to run a marathon.

I signed up for a few 10ks to see if I was cut out for it, then eventually registered for the Paris Marathon. With little strategic training I pounded the streets of Paris to tick it off.

Fast forward 9 years having completed a plethora of marathons and ultra distances,  running has become an important part of my life … I am now a runner.

There were those who said to me “it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish” but to me at the time, finishing was everything. And so, running eventually became a release. As I journeyed on, uncovering what health truly meant, I started to understand the importance of movement.

It’s not just the physical benefits running has gifted me but also the mental boost. The running community is truly a powerful thing … from the parkrun nexus, to the running club, the Strava-ians, the instarunners, and WhatsApp groups to name but a few.

Having qualified as a licensed Coach through UK Athletics I am now eager to work with you to achieve your running goals, adopting a holistic approach across mental resilience, fitness and shaping optimal running form.

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