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What is Trauma?

Trauma occurs when we experience a  sudden negative event that happens too fast and without our consent. When Trauma occurs, instant responses tend to be one of Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn which all cause stress and inflammation in the body. In the natural world animals can deal with trauma through taking time to regulate their breathing and “shake” the episode off to expel the energy from its nervous system and continue their day.  

What is Kambo?

Kambo is a natural method of healing utilising a peptide secreted by the Phyllomedusa bicolor (giant monkey frog) found throughout the Amazon Rain forest. It has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes both as a medicine and as an aid for obtaining focus. It’s strong healing properties have the ability to clear out viruses, pathogens and harmful bacteria from the body.

After the medicine is applied, the peptides enter into the lymphatic system and run through the body stimulating the endocrine glands of the brain triggering the body to dump toxins into the gut which are then cleared through the purging process.

Having extensively worked with Kambo as part of my healing journey, I trained to practitioner level under Natalie McIntosh aka “Cutie Heals” to be able to work with the Kambo medicine from a trauma informed perspective.

The Preparation

If you are feeling called to journey with the frog the process begins with completing a specialised trauma focussed questionnaire to give more information about you and your situation. This helps inform us on whether the medicine is compatible with your circumstances. 

A zoom consultation will follow to get to know each other a bit better. This will include a deep dive into your life history using somatic meditation techniques which enable you to identify and feel into any deep rooted trauma.

This process will be used to help direct the intention for when receiving the medicine in your Kambo experience. 
The preparation helps better to support you before, during and after the session from a position of safety and trust.


You will be asked to fast for 12 hours prior the ceremony (small amounts of water or herbal teas may be drunk).

Come wearing comfortable layered clothing, and your also welcome to bring any items that are special or bring you a sense of safety or comfort.

The kambo ceremony

Total duration is 3 to 4 hours.The Kambo process is unique on the person, but usually lasts between 20-60mins.

Kambo sessions are set in the comfort of a healing home in Islington, North London.

Somatic Meditation.


Kambo medicine is applied slowly and guided with words and sound.


Water is only drunk when feeling nauseous. This way the medicine can work  with the nervous system by using somatic techniques.  


Purging- there are many different forms of purging, from the physical, to emotional be it crying, shaking, opening of bowels, sweating.


On completion, clients tend to have a rejuvenating and restful sleep.


Reiki is offered


Food and drink is offered on completion.


Kambo ceremonies are offered on a 1-1 basis (£190)
Three ceremonies are recommended in a calendar month.

Discounts offered for bulk sessions or larger group ceremonies, message for details.

atoms kambo trauma
atoms kambo treatment
atoms kambo
  • 4 hr

    £190 1-1



Alexander was welcoming and organised the ceremony so meticulously. My experience felt intense and releasing in many ways, and I’m extremely happy to have tried this. We hold so much tension in our bodies and I felt like Kambo managed to really find the physical bits I couldn’t see to notice myself and allowed some space to form within that.. Aleander, is so knowledge on this and other holistic remedies, that I also walked away with a wealth of knowledge I would have otherwise not had, which was also incredibly helpful for the process.  Highly recommend this as an experience if nothing else - I also got to choose if I wanted Rapè or Sananga at the end. I chose Sananga … and whilst really quite painful to start.. I kid you not I’m walking around with the most incredible vison right now.. like you’re looking through the best camera ever! really remarkable stuff… Thank you
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