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Bespoke 1-1 Run coaching

Run coaching

Running has been a big part of my life in recent years.

I remember thinking back in 2013, when I was diagnosed with MS and told by my neurologist that I should expect severe mobility issues within three years, that I had to attack my bucket list … one of those items was to run a marathon.

I signed up for a few 10ks to see if I was cut out for it, then eventually registered for the Paris Marathon. With little strategic training I pounded the streets of Paris to tick it off.
Fast forward 9 years having completed a plethora of marathons and ultra distances,  running has become an important part of my life … I am now a runner.

There were those who said to me “it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish” but to me at the time, finishing was everything. And so, running eventually became a release. As I journeyed on, uncovering what health truly meant, I started to understand the importance of movement.

It’s not just the physical benefits running has gifted me but also the mental boost. The running community is truly a powerful thing … from the parkrun nexus, to the running club, the Strava-ians, the instarunners, and WhatsApp groups to name but a few.

Having qualified as a licensed Coach through England Athletics I am now eager to work with you to achieve your running goals, adopting a holistic approach across mental resilience, fitness and shaping optimal running form.

I am also working with the RunTogether platform to bring more accessible run coaching sessions to everyone. This can be booked via the RunTogether portal here.

For a more bespoke 1-1 running coached session you can email/send a direct message and we can arrange this around your requirements.


Simon, Norfolk

Alex provided me with a 16 week bespoke training plan for my 3rd London Marathon. Target was to break the 3hr30 mark. With week by week tailored sessions based on my feedback and progress Alex ensured my training was on target.

After some useful advice and words of guidance from Alex on race day I managed to comfortably complete the Marathon in 3hrs28. 

Great enjoyable training sessions provided and objective achieved, thanks Alex.


Paul, London

Come rain or shine, Alex met us once a week at our office to put a group of us through our paces in preparation for the London marathon.  He always had a smile on his face, was friendly, professional and his natural enthusiasm for running was infectious.
His well crafted sessions catered for the range of abilities in our group which made it possible for us to all enjoy the training sessions together.  Over the weeks we all noticed an improvement in our running speed and stamina, and this was bourne out in some great achievements come marathon day.
Some of the biggest positives to come out of the training sessions with Alex were the motivation he gave us for training, expert advice on how & when to train, great running tips, and practical hints and tips for the big day.  I will look forward to the opportunity to train with Alex again in the future.


DAISY, London

We decided on a goal to get a sub 20m 5k and improve my speed and power (I was previously a long distance runner). Alex carefully crafted an 8 week program to achieve this whilst also making intelligent edits and reductions to accommodate my busy work schedule and demanding stunt training. More is not always more! At the end of the program I could not have been happier to achieve a sub 20min time (19.28)!

Alex you are a brilliant coach and anyone would be lucky to be under your guidance to achieve their running goals.

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