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PET reiki

Image by Jamie Street

Whilst our pets do not communicate with us in the same way as us human tend to interact with each other, animals are inherently more ‘aware of’ and connected with the energy surrounding us.

Reiki is best given in familiar surroundings and thus depending on your location it is typically offered via distant treatments.


An initial call will be arranged  to gather some information about your pet including character, temperament and the reason Reiki is being sought.


[In-person] In comfortable surroundings for your pet, they will be offered Reiki. In the first instance, a hands-off treatment will be given and only a hands-on treatment will be given if the pet indicates their consent to being touched.

[Distance] at a mutually agreed time your pet will  be sent a Reiki treatment. Ensure your pet is in comfortable surroundings for the duration of the treatment. The treatment typically lasts for 30mins.

Image by Yerlin Matu


GEMMA, Australia

"We engaged Alexander to assist us with our family dog, Ted, after a recent potential fracture of his tail. After seeing and hearing his physical pain we wanted to try some natural healing and as I have done reiki before we thought it would be worth exploring to see if it could help.


Living in Australia I wasn’t quite sure how it would all work without Alex being physically in the room and I was a little unsure as to how it would be “sent”. But on the dot of our agreed time, Ted and I lay in a darkened room to relax for his 30 minute session. 


For the first 15 minutes Ted sat at the end of the bed and about 10 mins in made some slightly unusual groans, but not demonstrating pain. After 5 minutes he settled. He then moved and sat right next to me with his head on me for 15 minutes (longest time he’s done that) he was so still - which is unusual didn’t even feel like he was breathing. Then exactly at the 30 minute mark he got up, paced for a few minutes in a relaxed manner and then went and slept in the en suite. Didn’t hear a peep from him all evening! 


The next morning Ted had a lot more flexibility in his tail, moving it a lot more than he had been able to for the previous 48 hours. We are now a week in from his reiki session and his tail has fully healed and he is non stop waggling his tail, almost like nothing had happened before. 


Thank you so much for your virtual healing hands. Amazing you can do it from the other side of the world!

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