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Trauma Informed Kambo

  • 4 hr
  • £190 1-1
  • London

Service Description

Kambo is a natural method of healing utilising a peptide secreted by the Phyllomedusa bicolor (giant monkey frog) found throughout the Amazon Rain forest. It has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes both as a medicine and as an aid for obtaining focus. It’s strong healing properties have the ability to clear out viruses, pathogens and harmful bacteria from the body. After the medicine is applied, the peptides enter into the lymphatic system and run through the body stimulating the endocrine glands or the bran triggering the body to dump toxins into the gut which are then cleared through the purging process. Having extensively worked with Kambo as part of my healing journey, I trained to practitioner level under Natalie McIntosh aka “Cutie Heals” to be able to work with the Kambo medicine from a trauma informed perspective. If your looking for a specific date or time that doesn't show as available, please just please email with the times/dates you are looking for, to see if I can accommodate.

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